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Instant help to find your lost cat

Alert your neighbors and everyone in your area with this missing cat report.

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How does a CatRadar search work?

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Alert neighbors through social media

With accelerated (paid) display on Facebook and Instagram, thousands of neighbors will see your missing cat advertisement on their feed.

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Neighbors on high alert

By sending out a clear advertisement, everyone in your area can help to search for your lost cat. Additionally, we ask neighbors to check lockable spaces because cats are often trapped there!

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Real-time sightings

When someone has seen your cat, they can easily contact you via CatRadar. You will receive every new sighting immediately via email and telephone.

Start a new search

Fill in your address and select how many people you want to reach.

3 steps to get your cat back

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1. Create a missing report

Identify your cat with name, picture, and any additional descriptive information.

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2. Choose a neighbor radius

Select where and how many neighbors you want to notify about your missing cat.

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3. Start search

The search begins straight away, including at night and on weekends.

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How CatRadar started

I have personally experienced how difficult it is to recover a lost pet. No matter how many missing posters you put up, cats often don't return home. There had to be a solution to this problem.

I tried several methods and when we found the first cat using Facebook/Instagram ads, I was sure this was something that could help more people who have lost their cat. Me and a friend built a small website and launched CatRadar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a digital search cost money?

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CatRadar uses advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to quickly show the missing ad to thousands of people who live where your cat could be missing.

Unfortunately, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is not free, so that is part of the price we charge.

How much does it cost to start a search?

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The search price depends on the radius of how many people you want to reach. The smallest package reaches out to 4,000 neighbors in a small radius.

You can see the prices per package whilst creating a search.

How fast can I begin the search?

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After the payment is complete, the ad will be posted automatically to Facebook and Instagram. We also immediately start the request to show the missing call to your neighbors.

How long will the search remain active?

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The search will not stop until your cat is safely home or unless you stop it yourself.

When the chosen amount of neighbors have been notified through paid advertising, we stop paying Facebook/Instagram to reach additional neighbors. You can later expand the search with a broader reach.

What happens with my data?

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We only use your data to contact you about the search; when this is no longer necessary, we will delete all your data.

We handle all your data securely, following the GDPR legislation. You choose which details, such as an address, name, photo and contact details, you want to share in the missing ad with your neighbors.

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